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    Welcome to the Lakeshore Lutheran League Website!
    Updated: November 27, 2018
    Volleyball - The 2018 A-team and B-team schedules are now online.  The B-team Schedule has been updated (8/16/18) with changes to locations. Click on the sports tab, click on volleyball, select A-team or B-team, and then click on the game schedule.  You can also click on your school to see just that schedule. (Note: clicking on a team page will not show A and B team schedules.  You will have to check the team page for each league)
    Volleyball Tournament - The 2018 A-team tournament will be on October 13, 2018 @ MLHS.  The 2018 B-team tournament will be on October 6, 2018 @ Wayside/Morrison.
    Soccer - Tournament Dates:
         The 2018 tournament dates can be found under the soccer tab.
    Cross Country - The 2018 MLHS Cross-Country Meet will be on Monday, October 1, 2018 @ MLHS.
    Division 1 Basketball - The 2018-2019 season schedule is available under the basketball tab.
    Division 2 Basketball -  The 2018-2019 season schedule is available under the basketball tab.

    Softball Tournaments - The softball tournament dates for 2019 are not yet available

    Track - The date for the 2019 track days are available under the Track and Cross-Country tab.
    NEXT MEETING: October 1st, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - MLHS
    **The tournament host schedule can also be found on the 
    Documents/Forms page.
    ***The updated directory for 2018-2019 is posted on the Contacts page.